Sunday, September 8, 2019

They All Call Me -- Bipattaran Misra

  They All Call Me  --   Bipattaran Misra

I love woods lush green with rain, 
I love liberty in nature's chain.
Birds' whistle captivates me, 
Round the boughs I slink to see.
A laughing lad, a sweet girl,
Never make me tired and dull.
Silver cloud gently sailing,
In the blue of sunny ceiling. 
Or ripples on a river's breast, 
Nestlings in a happy nest ---
Myself see and call one see,
Whom I love and love that me.
Mountains high with snowy tops,
All my worries from me robs.
A ship in the far off sea,
To the unseen beckons me. 
Be in nature's soothing balm,
Pain and sadness dips in calm.